Adidas : All Day

Art Direction, UI, IA, Strategy
2016–2017 • iOS & Android

About All Day:

In the beginning of this project, we wondered what type of person would legitimately ask the, “How many steps did I take today?” question consistently over any extended period of time. After a few interviews, we quickly realized this person didn’t exist.

People are much more concerned with measuring their own progress. Another mile on the morning run. Another hour sleeping through the night. Another healthy meal at the office. Another moment for myself.

So, we created All Day to document this progress, discovery, and self-reflection. No graphs. No goals. No judgement. Just you.

In fact, this little fitness app works best when you don’t check it everyday. It’s designed to inspire you when you care, then exist the background when you don’t. It’s part inspiration library and part progress journal. You can figure the rest out.

Haze Visualization:

The Haze visualization systematically transitions through the adidas brand colors to create a colorful and energetic backdrop to your day. Using a triad-based color progression, Haze selects its next colors by moving down and then back up the adidas color wheel.

After the initial 30 mins, the visualization will always be a combination of 2 or 3 colors. These unique combinations don’t repeat until 540 minutes, when the spectrum starts over again.


Product Evolution:

Over the course of this project, the homescreen visualization experienced the most evolution and innovation as the team prototyped, tested, and gathered feedback from real users.

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